About KSF

Arshad Ali Abbasi, Chairman KSF

Khadmain Sindh Foundation (KSF) is non-profit organization which has been serving within its operational span. The organization has its mission to provide free water hand pumps, ambulance services, good health for all and basic education facilities; without these basic facilities social illness taking place in the society life becomes burden.

A group of learned young development professionals laid the foundation of this organization to work jointly for this noble cause for humanity. Organization mainly focuses is the installation of water hand pumps where the health burden is high, where people are poor, cannot afford an Afridive and where the present state of knowledge is poor regarding safe water.

Khadmain Sindh Foundation’s (KSF) focus is to work with poor and needy people, marginalizing groups, laborers and farmers, minorities focusing women and children to uplift their living standard and to minimize the vulnerabilities regarding the life affecting issue.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of Khadmain Sindh Foundation (KSF) is to provide social services focusing on creating awareness of Health, Education, Human Rights, Poverty alleviation, with special focus on providing safe drinking water that can protect them from several diseases like cholera, diarrhea and so on.