We can make life Better

Our Mission

The Mission of Khadmain Sindh Foundation (KSF) is to provide social services focusing on creating awareness of Health, Education, Human Rights, Poverty alleviation, with special focus on providing safe drinking water that can protect them from several diseases like cholera, diarrhea and so on.

Ambulance Services


We provide 24/7 Free Ambulance Services across Sindh province.

Water Hand pumps


We have installed 1000+ fresh water hand pumps in different villages of Sindh province.

Medical Camps


Khadmain Sindh Foundation has arranged more than 67 Medical Camps across Sindh Province.

Free Rashan Distribution

Since Foundation

Khadmain Sindh Foundation have been distributing Rashan to needy people on Daily basis.

Eid Gifts

Since 2016

Khadmain Sindh Foundation Every Year send Eid Gifts and Dresses to poor familites in different villages of Sindh Province.

بابا مان به عيد ڪندم

  • Health
  • Environmental Protection
  • Human Rights
  • Disaster Management
  • Women Development
  • To provide ambulance services.
  • To provide the health facilities such as continuously free medical camps in remote areas.
  • To provide Primary Heath Care Services especially in the field of maternal and Child Health, awareness regarding Health,, prevention and treatment of
    diseases to rural population at gross root level.
  • To establish Mother Child Health Center and maternity homes in remote areas especially at Thari mirwah, Faiz Gung Nara, Kotdeji.
  • To arrange Hepatitis “B” “C” & “D” Tests, HIV Aids Tests, Maleria Test, Montox Test, Widal Test, Blood Sugar Test and their vaccinations and arrange the emergency vaccines i.e. Dog Bite (Anti-Rabies) vaccine, snake bite (Anti-Snake Venom) vaccines, the medical assistance and work for the welfare of human being.
  • To provide pure drinking water (arrangement of hand pumps),to take efforts for development of sewerage system in model villages in remote areas.
  • To create awareness among the people against use of drugs and narcotics etc.
  • To arrange fumigation in katchi abadies (backward and rustic areas) and arrange O.R.S, pedicure at villages especially rain or flood affected areas as treatment Acute Gastroenteritis with vomiting.
  • To provide Anti allergic dermatitis, scabies and other Drugs.
  • To aware the people about environment pollution, tree-plantation, plant protection and general awareness.
  • To aware the peoples about the value of plants specially trees like mangos, date palms, orange, papaya etc.
  • To establish the Bio Gas Project.
    To establish the solar energy system in the remote areas of province of Sindh.
  • The organization has an eye witness on the grave issues of human right based major issues prevailing within society.
  • Rapid violation of human rights in society is a serious issue which must be stopped to save society from big loss.
  • Organization shall disseminate information through research based work to identify the real causes behind these existing social issues.
  • To provide rescue resources to the rain damaged areas of Sindh.
  • To provide rescue resources to the flood damaged areas of province of Sindh.
  • To provide the rescue operations in the unfortunate incidents including earthquakes, oceans storms/cyclones etc.
  • To create awareness among the women to start their business and easy approached at the market, especially handy craft business and encourage them to start small businesses and provide crop micro credit scheme on easy installments.
  • To provide economically and politically empowerment to the women through awareness about their rights and financial assistance for income generation projects.
  • To provide basic awareness about the management of house, budget, cleanness, care and look after.
  • To establish adult women learning centers, vocational training centers and provide professional skills.
  • To establish women vocational centers to produce professional, well knowing main power.
  • To provide basic health facilities at door step.
  • To aware the society against Honor killing, Karo Kari and sudden provocations specially in upper Districts of Province of Sindh and so also aware the people of that areas for prevention of such expire date customs and usages.
  • To provide basic information about the child care specially feeding, cleanness and prepared them for schools.
  • To provide medical assistance to pregnant women including vaccination e.g. DPT, BCG, OPV, Engrix B.