Aims & Objectives

  1. To establish , manage, maintain, own, administrator, promote, control and subsidize educational institutions, computer literacy centers, schools, colleges, institutions for study and research, centers of learning, reading rooms, hostels , boarding houses and other institutions for basic education, adult literacy, advance studies and other educational forums with the permission of competent authority but not to act as degree awarding institute.
  2. To provide scholarships to students and grant aid including but not limited to the supply of books, stipends, medals prizes, grants scholarships, awards, medicines, educational career support, educational loans, bursaries and other incentives for the purpose of the advancement of knowledge, education and literacy both within and outside Pakistan.
  3. To establish, own, maintain erect, construct, furnish, equip, promote, endow, organize, manage and run institutions for special education and to provide grants and facilities for education and training to the persons who are mute deaf dumb and blind, crippled or otherwise physically or mentally handicapped and also to provide proper medical attendance, nursing, food, medicine, drugs and special appliances of educational, medical, surgical, pharmaceutical or other nature.
  4. To promote any scheme which may tend to raise the academic, professional or technical education in Pakistan and to promote the highest standards of competence, practice and conduct among the resident members of Foundation.
  5. To promote and foster study in arts, sciences, literature and to give literarily, arts and sciences awards, scholarships and prizes for its encouragement.
  6. To establish, maintain, run manage and administer aid programs providing relief and help to the needy, the poor and the destitute and to grant relief donation for and during calamities undertake such charitable and philanthropic activities which in the opinion of the foundation would assist and benefit mankind and to work for alleviation of human sufferings from catastrophes.
  7. To aid help, assist, offer, grant, give contributions, donate, gift, in cash or in kind to persons, natural and juridical for the lawful purpose, in helping, supporting , assisting, facilitating, alleviating, in their need.
  8. To secure, receive, accept and manage funds, donations, grant endowments and any other movable and immovable property and properties from lawful sources within the country and to utlize them for furthering and promoting the aims and objects of Foundation subject to the Approval of competent authority i.e. District Admin./Income Tax Department.
  9. To run the Foundation on non-political, non-commercial and non-religious basis & only for charitable purpose.
  10. Promoters, Offices bearers and Members shall not be the paid employee of the Foundation, Either in cash of kind also would not be paid employees in any manner.
  11. To create relationship among different Societies having the similar aims and objects aspects to gather to do fight against illiteracy, poverty, misleading and all kids of the crime.
  12. To open and operate bank accounts in the name of Foundation and draw, make, accept, endorse, execute and issue promissory notes, bills, cheques and other instruments.
  13. To borrow or raise money, with or without security, required for the purpose of the Foundation upon such terms and in such manner as many be determined by the Foundation for promotion of its objects.
  14. To pay out the funds of the Foundation costs, charges and expenses of and incidental to the formation and registration of the Foundation.
  15. To work on gross roots level issues through action research, advocacy, lobbying and policy dialogues specially in Health, Education, Environment, Climate Changes and means of livelihood.
  16. To create, establish, administer and manage funds including endowment fund conducive for the promotion of the objects of the Foundation.
  17. To establish good quality Testing, Research Laboratories, Radiology Centers, Blood Banks, Blood Transfusion, Trauma Centers, Institutes and home for Disable Crippled, destitute elder persons, orphans and Widows And Ambulance services, etc.
  18. To educate and create consciousness among men and women against drug narcotics and HIV – AIDS and to work for the Welfare Youths.
  19. Child Labour, Child Rights, Infant Morality and Child Health,
  20. Maternal Morality, Reproductive Health and Family Planning.
  21. The Foundation will work abiding all its rules & regulations. If it works contrary to its by-laws and involve in threatening the government, institutions or any other agency will lead to the cancellation of its registration without any notice.
  22. The foundation shall confine its activities only to the aims and objects of the Foundation as set forth in the Memorandum of Foundation and the income and properly of the Foundation from whatever sources derived shall be applied solely towards promoting the objects of the Foundation and no portion thereof shall be paid by way of dividend profit, bonus to any member, office bearers of the foundation, or otherwise, violation of this condition shall be the personal responsibility for the office bearers of the member concerned.