On dated 10 March 2012, First Organizational Structure Meeting to form a Non-Government Organization (NGO) was organized by Arshad Ali Abbasi, who gave a proposal during a meeting to his friends to establish an organization entitled “Khadmain Sindh Foundation”, where his friends appreciated his ideas to serve the humanity. The meeting was held at Shaheed Makhdoom Bilawal village, Karachi.

Mr. Arshad Ali Abbasi founder of Khadmain Sindh Foundation presented three motives:

  1. 1.       Installation of Water Hand Pumps in District of North Sindh.

Khadmain Sindh Foundation will work on Installation of Water Hand Pumps where the health burden is high, where people are poor, cannot afford an Afridive (Water Hand Pump) and where the present state of knowledge is poor regarding safe water.

  1. 2.       24 / 7 Ambulance Service

Khadmain Sindh Foundation will provide ambulance services totally free for those who cannot afford to pay the charges and Ambulance service will remain free for dead bodies whether someone is rich or poor.

  1. 3.       Good Health Program

This program will contain following activities.

  • Free Medical Camps of Sugar, Kidney & Eye patients.
  • First Aid Clinic at reasonable charges.
  • Physical activities / Exercise.
  • Hand washing awareness.

In addition to previous mentioned work plans, Khadmain Sindh Foundation (KSF) will also work on the betterment of Education System and will facilitate the students with basic necessities.

During the meeting following persons were present.

  1. Arshad Ali Abbasi
  2. Mansoor Ali Abbasi
  3. Abdul Khaliq Shaikh
  4. Ishfaq Ahmed Abbasi
  5. Mujahid Hussain Memon
  6. Abdul Malik Shaikh
  7. Rafiq Ahmed
  8. Waheed Ahmed
  9. Shuaib Shaikh
  10. Muhammad Mumtaz
  11. Haji Mumtaz
  12. Pervaiz Rajpar
  13. Nusrat Samtio
  14. Rashid Ali Soomro
  15. Ahmed Khan Tunio
  16. Iqbal Ahmed Shaikh


On 5 August 2012, a meeting was called on members to form First cabinet; the oath ceremony was leaded by Karachi’s social activist Mr. Mehboob Abbas.

The following persons took oath for the Year 2012-2013.

Name                                                    Designation

  1. Arshad Ali Abbasi                             President
  2. Abdul Khaliq Shaikh                        Vice President
  3. Nusrat Samtio                                   General Secretary
  4. Mrs. Sofia Bano                                 Joint Secretary
  5. Ahmed Khan tunio                          Finance Secretary
  6. Rafiq Ahmed                                      Office Secretary
  7. Ghulam Mujtaba                              Press Secretary